Code for separable matching models

Here is R code for the Iterative Projection Fitting Procedure (IPFP) code to solve for equilibrium in a Choo and Siow 2006 model of bipartite, one-to-one matching with perfectly transferable utility.

Please see my Github page for more general Python versions of the code. The repository also has an implementation of the estimation procedure explained in Proposition 5 of our paper. It estimates the parameters of a semilinear surplus and the expected utilities for the Choo and Siow 2006 model (homoskedastic, with singles).

My coauthor Alfred Galichon (NYU) and Keith O’Hara (Amazon) have developed the TraME library: a set of procedures for Transportation Methods for Econometrics. It allows the user to estimate a much broader class of models. TraME is available on Github. Here are some more specific links: